Warning: paragliding is very dangerous! Seek professional training from a certified paragliding instructor.
Aluminum Frame Pack
LOKI Nets The Carp Buster Landing Net with 1 1/4" Handle, 29 x 33"
 XT90-S Anti-Spark Connector (2pairs/bag)
Carbon Fiber Propeller - 2- blade CFK propeller "Biela" 27 x 12 D (Visible carbon)
€87.34 EUR
Upgraded 8/27/2015 Scalextric C7002 Digital Accessories Hand Controller
Servo Tester
Google Esky Servo tester EK2-0907
Turnigy dlux 10A (10~60V) HV SBEC
100cc Brushless motor
Upgraded 8/27/2015 24ah Pack uses 6 of these batteries.  So far they are working well.
Update 11/16/2016 These batteries are still working fine.
These Batteries did not work well! Battery 8000mAh 6 Cell
4 batteries cost $423.12
300A ESC
Turnigy 1080W 100~120V Power Supply (13.8V~18V - 60amp)
TURNIGY MEGA 1344W / 40A Balance Charger / Discharger
Connectors, wires, and aluminum.
Approx. $100.00